Augmented & Virtual Reality at Home

Improving the Household's Quality of Life

Using augmented and virtual reality at home is an upward trend, with plenty of growth to be expected as we head into the next decade. 

Today, there are over 17 billion connected smart devices across the world. With the rapid development of new high-tech devices, more billions of smart home devices should be in use by 2030.

The plethora of new and innovative home solutions will make AR/VR technology more accessible to ordinary users. Here’s how.

Augmented Reality at home: Designing Interiors

There are already popular uses of new technologies at home. The interior design industry is benefiting from the latest advances. 

For instance, it’s already possible to visualize how new furniture would fit in a house before purchasing it. This feature exists on a few applications offered by furniture sellers such as IKEA. 

Another kind of applications helps for home renovations. Professional interior designs are able to present their clients with different options for renovation projects. The selection for paint colors or floor designs becomes much more easy with AR projections or VR presentations. 

Obviously, the usage of augmented and virtual reality at home has a lot to offer when it comes to redesigning spaces for the family. 

Using Virtual Reality at Home to Improve Safety

A few companies have been working on delivering AR-based technology that helps in proofing home for young kids. One of them is providing an application that scans a house and identifies dangerous objects for crawling babies. 

With the generated report, parents can decide on shuffling furniture or removing  items with sharp edges. New or inexperienced parents use it as a reference to ensure their loved ones can move around safely. The tool gives suggestions, rating dangers to help users in making their decision. 

Fighting Germs with Augmented Reality? Why Not?

Scientists are teaming with developers to find new solutions that use augmented reality at home. Some are looking into improving cleaning efficiency and making home maintenance a lot easier. 

In one scenario, people are scanning rooms using AR glasses. The AR application is able to spot dirty areas to be cleaned immediately. Once the user starts cleaning, the app updates visuals on the glasses and displays notifications on the ongoing activity. The program shows the percentage of completion and highlight surfaces that require more attention.

It is definitely possible to extend the use of such software to other kinds of premises, such as hospitals, plants, and more. It can help for decontamination operations too. 

Stepping Inside the AR/VR Market for Home with Ormuco

AR and VR technologies bring security, convenience, and ease of use to households across the globe. They are on their path to forming a new digital revolution. When it comes to domestic spaces, AR and VR help improve interior design, safety, and hygiene. 

Ormuco plays an important role in welcoming the world of tomorrow. Our autonomous platform leverages 5G to accelerate processing for real-time applications, allowing for a better and more efficient VR experience. As a leader in edge computing, Ormuco has invested years into developing efficient software solutions. You can learn more about our mission and services at