Augmented & Virtual Reality by Ormuco

Goldman Sachs predicts the global AR and VR market will reach US$95 billion in 2025. The technologies’ adoption has been increasingly high over the years. 

Keep scrolling down to see how to use Ormuco augmented and virtual reality to deliver the most exciting services and get an edge over competition!

virtual reality in Entertainment

Better location-based entertainment

virtual reality In Collaboration

Enhancing productivity and workplace

Virtual reality in Psychology

New solutions for mental health

Augmented and Virtual reality At Home

Putting safety first

Virtual reality in Transports & Logistics

Autonomous cars or tracking systems

Augmented and virtual reality in Education & TraininG

Experiencing field situations

virtual reality in Law Enforcement

New trends for police and legal

Virtual reality in Manufacturing

Enhancing production with simulation

Augmented reality in Politics

Reaping the benefits of analytics 

Augmented reality in Military

Remote robotics and more

virtual reality in Culture & Arts

Bringing creativity to life

Augmented reality in Retail

For new shopping experiences 

virtual reality in Social Media

Bringing people together virtually

Virtual reality in Nutrition

Better tools to select the right food

virtual reality in Fitness

Moving the gym to homes

virtual reality in Construction

Architecture, engineering and construction with a 3D perspective

Virtual reality in Immersive Gaming

360° gaming immersion

virtual reality in Sports

The next level in live sport broadcasting

Augmented and virtual reality in Film & TV

Theatres are no longer the same.

Augmented reality in Marketing

New channels for digital advertising

virtual reality in Tourism

Your city is moving abroad

Augmented and virtual reality in Healthcare

Different opportunities for remote medical services


AR and VR  are being adopted by all categories of businesses. 

67 percent of advertisers surveyed by Vibrant Media planned to use a mix of these technologies in their digital marketing campaigns in 2019.  

Ormuco is a true real-time processing platform designed for virtual and augmented reality workloads of any kind. It provisions and manages thousands of nodes autonomously.

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Name: Derek McNevan